Artist Statement

In an abstract way, my paintings and drawings are mostly based on the stages of life. I refer at first to my own experience of the stages of life but also to life in general. We as humans have a lot in common with natural elements:  we are Nature. As an example, when remembering moments in the past, I have used reflections in water (reflections in life) to express those feelings. 

I prefer to show the positive side of life. In this world, which can be filled with violence, I prefer to look beyond and around it and to focus on growth, possibilities and the beauty that life offers. Even when I work with the theme of "Decay," I show the beauty of it and the possibilities of repair. When my work elicits an emotional response from the viewer, I feel I have achieved my goal. 

Each project often consists of multiple works related to specific themes. In the process of creating, ideas evolve and lead to a new body of work.